Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scratch off sticker?

A scratch off sticker is a clear label with a scratch off coating applied on top.


What is a raffle card?

A raffle card is a card on it with squares on it that you sell.  When all the squares are sold rub off the scratch off segment with a coin to reveal the winning square.


Can you guarantee the winning names on the raffle cards will be different?

One of the main reasons raffle cards were introduced was due to a local league purchasing 100 from a company and 95 of them had the same winning name.  As a result the raffle cards produced by Scratch Labels UK are hand finished to ensure a good selection of winning names.


What size are the heart scratch off stickers?

Unless otherwise stated the heart stickers are on a 1" clear label with the heart shape printed on top using scratch off inks.

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